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ZK150-02Profile acoperire pardoseală (80mm)

It is a floor cover dilatation system resistant to light vehicle load. Shopping mall, business center, housing, school, hotel, multi-storey car park, hospital, laboratory projects are used. It’s made of aluminum only. Anchorage should be done on one side at 40 cm. Both indoor and outdoor are available. Renovation and new projects are preferred.284-zk150-02

Specificații tehnice

Nr. Produs ZK150-02
Deschidere medie a dilatării 80 mm
Lăţimea partii vizibile 150 mm
Înălțime niveluri
Capacitatea de deplasare
Lungime profil 3 m
Tipul de material Aluminiu anodizat (eloxat)
Descarca Fisa Tehnica