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ZA030-8028 Profile dilatare sub pardoseală (80mm)

Under-floor dilatation system for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Shopping mall, business center, housing, school, hotel, multi-storey car park projects are used. Different types of aluminum sidewall heights are available. Aluminum and EPDM made from the material. An anchorage at 40 cm should be made mutually. Both indoor and outdoor are available. It is predominantly preferred in new projects.


Specificații tehnice

Nr. Produs ZA030-8028
Deschidere medie a dilatării 80 mm
Lăţimea partii vizibile 79 mm
Înălțime niveluri 28mm
Capacitatea de deplasare ± 10mm
Lungime profil 3 m
Tipul de material Aluminiu, EPDM
Descarca Fisa Tehnica